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Matrix Elements for the Double-beta-decay EXperiments

Prague, June 13-16, 2011

Double beta decay experiments are gradually approaching ~100kg scale of enriched isotopes. There are several research groups devoted to the β-β- decay experiments using different detection techniques (GERDA, CUORE, SuperNEMO, COBRA, Majorana) in the stage of extension of the detector or close to finishing of technical design. Experiments of such scale make enormous demands on the progress and reliability of the nuclear matrix elements calculations. Also the research in the field of special modes of ββ, such as β+β+ or 2νECEC starts to be more and more interesting from experimental and theoretical point of view (e.g. COBRA, TGV,...). The further development of the theory of such processes is crucial for continuation of experimental activities in this field.

A particular emphasis of this year's MEDEX is to attract and train high-level PhD students and postdocs to these interesting fields, both in theory and experiments. The MEDEX workshop offers a platform for researcher training in the two topical working sessions given below. Such training activity is called for since nuclear matrix elements play a crucial role in interpretation of the results of the underground experiments on double beta decay and dark matter.

From the very begining, in the organization of this meeting, the following boundary conditions have been agreed upon, namely:

  • to have a limited number of topics
  • to encourage young researchers to attend and take profit of the training sessions offered by the MEDEX'11
  • to facilitate free discussions on the physics of the recently proposed theoretical models and experiments
  • to draw conclusions of the reliability of the nuclear matrix elements involved in the theoretical description of the doube-beta-decay and dark-matter processes
  • to single out the most promising theoretical and experimental aspects to be investigated

Working sessions

      A:   Nuclear Matrix Elements for Double Beta Decay

      B:   Nuclear Aspects of Neutrino Physics and Dark-Matter Studies


The meeting takes place at the Masarykova College (see the Locations section). A possibility for taking the lunch and dinner in the Restaurant of the College has been reserved for the participants. The talks, round table sessions and poster presentations take place in the College, easily reachable by tram from the Hotels.

Meeting fee

The conference fee (250€) includes coffee breaks, lunch and dinner, banquet, a copy of proceedings (see the 1st circular for details), and local transportation (a 7-day touristic ticket). The fee has to be paid upon registration (the first day of the meeting), in Czech currency or Euros (exchange rates).


Deadline for the registration (participant and possible accompanying persons) is May 10, 2011. The registration form includes also the information on the contribution (oral or poster). Other participants than the invited speakers should send a one-page abstract of his/her contribution along with the registration form. This will help the organizers to finalize the scientific program.

Boarding and lodging

Participants can find an accommodation on their own. Standard accomodation for the participants is assumed in hotel Krystal (see the Locations section), owned by the Czech Technical University. A limited number of rooms are available at a lower price (about 46 €/night incl. breakfast). Individual booking price in Krystal is for approx. 68 €/night. If you want the organizers to book the room for you, please indicate it in the registration form by choosing the Krystal hotel (default option). This goes for the accompanying persons, too.

Lunch and dinner are served in the restaurant of the meeting venue. It is also possible to go to the nice restaurants of the old city center but this you have to pay from your own pocket.